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I meet you for sure
But half way through
The rest half is yours
That’s yours to do

I love you for sure
That so true
I love you for you

How can I show it to you?
Now the question you ask
& Night’s you fight
Do I miss you?
You want me to lie!

How can I miss the one!
Who’s stuck in my brain
I just open my eyes
& Flight I take
You don’t wanna be here
It’s Anger & Rage

You take my time
& I’m cursed to be plain
Now say what you got to say?
I miss you too babe!

(I’m waiting)
I hate to see you cry
Now if you blame me for it
You want me to die?

Though you there just a thought away!
Even when I’m beside you
I feel nothing has changed

You & yours thoughts
That drive me nuts
Sometime I just feel I should give up

You say leave me alone
How can I do that!
Once I do!
I’m sure, Not to come back!
This half is mine
That half is yours

If we combine
Then only it’s complete for sure!
I can do my part
I can be there for you

Half way through
Can you do what’s yours
& What you got to do?
Ball is in your court
Play safe!

I miss you too!
Is that what it takes?
I hate this word
I just want you to be here!
Come close to me
So I can feel your breath

Feel your pounding heart
& Just rest
Next time be careful with what you say!
One more time & I no longer be here!

You say I need to change
I need to be expressive
How much more?
It gets explosive!

I think I tell you enough
& Still be quiet
Let you do what you wanna do
& Just smile!

Want more?
I got nothing more to give!
This is my little world

Feel at home
What’s mine is yours
Anything else?
Let me know!

Mind won’t let you go
Stuck between brain & Heart
What to do?
& Half way through!!
I’m already there for you..

Half Way Through

Half Way Through


Written by A.P



This is just enough..some communication, can change a lot..
I would love to know some from the writer..
Even though, and though expression shouldnt be expected in a specified way, the’re still ways to communicate, for the benefit of your alter physical and spiritual health and with the same manner for the person in presence- or not, has no matter.!! Coz loving it’s a choice of life, and there is no love without freedom, and no freedom without freedom of expression..and consciousness is the key that opens all just need to choose and enjoy the the creation..enjoy yourself..wish to you the best.. xx


Your poems go straight to my heart! I wish my life was as easy as a ball in my court, maybe the knowledge of what ball will come to me, I am lost and broken


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