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If you scared today
To face tomorrow
You might wonder how to kill the sorrows
You guess & Think what might happen to you

What tomorrow might bring?
Which way? & What to choose ?
You have questions in mind & Uncertainty

I can’t promise everything

I promise to be your hand to squeeze
If ever be scared
I will want to be your relief
I will be there when you need
I will be your hand to squeeze

I don’t know about stars & moon
I won’t be able to bring them to you
But I promise to be who?

Your something old, Something new,
Something borrowed, Something blue,
A six pence in your shoe
The one who never gives up on you!

Hold me tight
In any of your fight
I will be close, Close to your sight
Victory…Will work for it!
I promise to bring everything there is!
Will fight together…Till we finally win!

Will fight again & again…when in need!

Won’t let you ever be alone
I will be your hand to hold
I will be what you need
A friend indeed
I will be your hand to squeeze

Unlimited Uncertainty
But you can count on me..
I will be your hand to squeeze


Hand To Squeeze

Hand To Squeeze


Written by A.P

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