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Hang In There Kitty
You Will Make It
Just Believe!
Everything Is Made To Fit

If Not Today, Tomorrow It Will Stick
You Will Make It Big
Believe And Strengthen Your Will
You Are Special, Just Hang In!

You Are The Most Interesting
And Extraordinary Thing
Don’t Fret
Wire Is Not Getting Any Thin

Pull Yourself Up!
It’s Your Time To Be The One – Shinning!
You Are Capable Of Everything
You Can Change Anything

Find Your Strength Within
Be Willing!
You Are The Most Talented And Interesting Being
Hello Kitty – Believe!

Take The Leap
Change The Negative Belief
You Can Go In Any Direction You Feel!
You Can Do Whatever You Dream!

Hang In!

Hang In

Hang In


Written by A.P

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