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How Far Will You Go?
For Your Loved Ones
Peace Of Mind
And To Reassure

To Let Them Know!
They Are Safe!
And All Is In Control
Will You Be There
To Protect Them!?

And Be Their Hand To Hold!?
“I’m Here And I Will Make Sure
No One Can Hurt You
That’s What I’m Here For!”

“You Sleep In Peace
And I Will Guard The Door
No Enemy Can Hurt You
No Black Magic Can Curse You
I Got The Cure”

“It’s All About How
Thoughts Flow
Don’t Let Unguarded Thoughts
Take It’s Toll”

“I Assure You
You Are Secure”
For Your Loved Ones
Peace Of Mind
How Far Will You Go?

You Do So Much
But You Happily Do More!
Cause Their Happiness
Is Connected To Yours!

Happiness Is?

Happiness Is?


Written by A.P

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I will always be the one..
To protect the ones i love..
I’m connected in the etherealm..
Tethered thru light above..

My family they will call on me..
When the time is right..
Besides that, god has schooled me now..
And he’s taught me how to fight..

There is something in me missing,
a loving soul to hold..
A weary life of empty beds..
a friend as i grow old..

Will i ever find her?
Who is really sure?
I guess i’ll have to settle soon..
For the one at the closest door..

Or Maybe someday i’ll find that girl..
The “one” that i adore..
I still don’t even know her yet..
Who is she? I’m not sure..

I guess i’ll know the truth someday..
When she wakes up in my arms..
Forget this world of illusion..
& Fall victim to her charms..

And then i can live the very life..
I hold within my dreams..
God said, first you’ll find her..
And then you’ll have your means..

And she’ll be treated like a princess.. Forever.
Not knowing hurt or pain..
With this anger and frustration gone..
Because i’ll never be the same.

Fragments of a past life.. Possibly..
But there’s something in me missing..
There has been since i was just a boy..
And i havent been able to fill it..

It’s a journey.. I guess


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