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I See from the window & There’s is fog everywhere
I See the streets & No one is there
I See into past & mistakes that been made

I See the suffering & No one to care
I See the life & Fake smile I make
I see the greed & Different- Different stories that been made

Try not to be bogged down…
But Stability of thoughts is hard to maintain,
Remain Cool & never end life in haste,
Different- Different Angels & Different time, It’s never the same!
Try remain solid & Not Melt with hot waves.

Thoughts- Always lost somewhere..
Exterior silent,But Noises always traveling in brain
Do This!! Do That!! Do As I Say!!
Love! Hate! Don’t think much..
Think straight, Walk Tall & People be amazed !

Thoughts & Life always change
Sacrifice or Desire?
Destiny or Fate?
What is right? & Which way does it takes?
I’m Life & Possibilities never end till Silently I lay!

I’m Time & I always change
Up-Down, Up-Down
Knowing what you are is the right way!
Touch new heights & See how people change

I’m Amazed !

Yesterday they were making you feel bad
& Today they making you feel great!
Tables turn in every game!

Let your name speak out loud
Let one word describe
How Desire can change the fate

Thoughts are yours
& Decisions are yours to make
Past, Present & Future
Once buried under the earth nothing remains

Let your name travel in space!




Written by A.P

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