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Nothing gonna stop me
Nothing gonna dampen my spirit
I’m given just one chance
Then why shouldn’t I live it!?

This time it won’t be about what I deserve
But what I want
All the efforts are mine
So I lose? No chance!

Start something on a good note
Later it turn to be end of road
I don’t know!

Though it seemed right
But it did turn to back bite
Lets just call it another
Joker in the box

Things get out of reach
It’s ok if it did
I will never cave in!
I will work till I win

If it did go wrong, So be it!
I will do my best!
You want you call it quit.
Till then I won’t rest

Only one time
One life
I’m gonna make the skeleton in closet dance all night!

Why should I Provide what you always need!
In return you show me your blood sucking teeth
After long observation
I’m leaving everyone who killed my feeling
Let me just move freely

Ya, I’m leaving you in the middle of the road
You never grabbed my finger
So, Don’t pretend it’s hard to let go!

No one is innocent !
No one is sweet!
Every time it’s trick, Never the treat!

Contender of game called pretender
Everyone knows the trick of trade
No one wanna surrender

Battlefield – Gorilla warfare
You Say Disguise to survive
Else get ready to die?

You Can’t kill Me
That’s The Spirit Of Mine!

High Spirit

High Spirit



Written by A.P

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