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Who to trust?
Who to love?
Should I really believe in just the words..
Isn’t everybody fake!
Doesn’t everybody lie?

Lie to yourself
& Say Everything is fine!

When emotions plays tricks
& Practicality runs dry!
Hold yourself together
It Happens! It’s called life!

Death it will come naturally…
Till then live…NOT DIE!
I for sure not the one who can hear you say goodbye!

Hold yourself My Dear!
Soon it will be back, Your smile!

It’s just matter of time
Before you realize
You here for something better..
Some dark forces working behind!

Hold yourself My Tiger!
I’m gonna hold your hand tight!
You not alone in the path…
I’m the shadow who walks behind!

Always there, Not always visible to eyes
Close your eyes & sense..
One body & Two lives!

Try not to fall… love!
I don’t want to see you cry!
Smile for what you learned…
Somethings just don’t come with a price

When it’s out of reach & Not in our hands
Learn to let go……Get Up!
Take a stand!

When hard times comes running…
You not alone!
Don’t think no more!

Any corner, Any road..
I’m always there for you
Just let me know..
Hold Together & Hold tight…SMILE FOR THIS FUCKING LIFE!!

Hold Together

Hold Together


Written by A.P

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