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Is He Under Your Skin?
Or Under Your Bed?
Where Does It Resides?
The One You Most Dread!

Are Monsters Suppose To Be Alive?
Or They Suppose To Be Dead?
You Try To Avoid And Not Think
But Always A Failed Attempt
You Just Can’t Neglect!

It Threatens You
And Builds In Your Mind A Nest!
It Plays With Your Fear
And Makes You Sweat!

You Run And Hide
Trying To Find The Shed!
But Can’t Escape
Cause In Mind It Dwells!

Brings Shiver Down Your Spine!
Horror Of Things
That You Never Expected But Felt!
We All Suffer From Things Which We Never Expect!
But Don’t Let It Make You Scared Version Of Self!

This Monster Is Not Of Bones And Flesh!
This Monster Is Made Of Bad Memories And Experience You Collect!
You Try Not To Think
But You Just Can’t Forget!
And Decision Making It Affects!

The Things With Which You Dealt
It Shapes Your Thought Process
Don’t Let It Create A Negative Effect!
Scared Of Facing It Again
You Keep Neglecting And Reluctant To Accept!

You Run, You Try Escape The Monster
But You Just Can’t Find The Rest!
Let It Go Through You In Transformation It Helps!
Accept And See What It Reflects!

Don’t Let It Control You!
To Take It Off Your Chest!
Muster Courage To Come Through The Mess!
Everything You Are Running Away From Is In Your Head!




Written by A.P

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