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Inch By Inch
I will Win
I will grab & I Will steal
I will Do what all I need

Inch By Inch
I will win
Pain if it kills
Let’s see how it feels??!

I will heal
I will stand
This is me
& I own this land

All is mine- Time is mine!
Let’s work & Not sleep tonite
Let’s go & Climb the Height!

I won’t refrain
I Will bear all the pain
Till the day WORLD knows my name..
Say it- Say it again….Yeah,you said it right… I’m Insane
I’m born free
& Not be tamed…

Got to win the game…
Let’s play…For who you wait..?
My opponent is my yesterday !
Why? Why?? Getting late..
Wake up when world sleeps
Go a step ahead
I dare you- If you weep!!

Who says you getting weak?
Go out & play in cold breeze
It’s the wind of freedom..
Go be the mean machine…
Inch By Inch !
We will Win!!!!

It’s the game to be recognized
For what we have to sacrifice !
Commit yourself
Earn the points

I’m here to prove I run my life..
Being crazy is alright!!

How Bad

How Bad


One comment on “HOW BAD?!

  1. rohit 14/12/2013 3:00 PM

    very insipiring… 🙂


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