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What Would You Do To See The Light?
After Your Darkest Hour
The Struggle And The Fight!
Will You Trek The Path Of Evil?

To Know The Difference Between Wrong And Right!
Will You Dare Go The Extra Mile?
Will You Keep Walking The Path
With All Your Might?

Will You Quit When In Fright?
Or Will You Jump And Slide
The Obstacle!
And Take It In Stride!

Can You Make Your Mind?
Can You Decide?
To Walk Fire And Ice!
Will You Go Beyond Your Comfort!?
Beyond What You Like And Dislike!

Cherishing The Fire That Burns Inside!
And Desire To Reach The Goal It Ignites!
In Search For Answers
That You Wanna Find!
How Many Times Will You Sacrifice?

Will You Willingly Struggle Day After Night?
And Never Give Up!!
Just Ones More For The Sake Of Pride!
Just Ones More This Time!

How Many Times Will You Fall?
And How Many Times Will You Rise?
It’s Always Said
Ones More Will Do It Alright!

Will You Take The Risk!
And Dare Enter The Realm Unknown!
How Far Will You Go?
To Achieve Your Goal?

How Far Will You Go?

Written by A.P

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