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Is It Been Long Time
Since Somebody Asked You That?
How Are You?
Are You Happy Or Are You Sad?

How Is Your Life?
Is It Good Or Is It Bad?
Do People Drive You Crazy?
You Feel Mad?

Are You Really Happy With What You Have?
Or Do You Feel Miserable Inside
And Outside Just An Act?
Nothing Is Ever Enough

For This Life Do You Feel Glad?
Unhappy Cause Of Things Unplanned?
Thinking About All What You Once Had?
Carrying Burden In Your Head And Hands!

The Reality And Expectation
Don’t Seem To Match?
Let Go
And Enjoy The Open Land!

Remember Whatever You Want To Do
You Can!
It’s More About Attitude
And Little About Plans!

It’s How You Take Things
How You Act On It!
How You Feel Within!
Are You Constantly Confused And Thinking?
Take A Stand!

Tell Me – How You Doin’, My Man!?




Written by A.P

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