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On The Spot
Around The Clock
We The Human Resources
On The Job

Who We Work For?
Why All The Artificial Needs?
I Want More Cars
I Want Bigger House To Sleep

All The Competition For Nothing
But For Collecting Material
Which End Of Day We Can’t Keep
Life Successfully Lived Indeed!

Where Is The Care?
For Every Human Being?
If You Earn More
Why Not Share It With People Living On Streets

It’s The Artificial Things
And Happiness Television Feeds
With Celebrities And Advertisement
I Think Bigger D*** Is Dream
Why Not Pop Some Pills
Make It Stiff

Satisfy All You Want
And Still Feel Shit
With Worse Side Effects
That Could Kill
But We Buy Cause
It’s Hip

Like Mosquitoes Attracted By Lights
We Want Higher Resolution Mobiles
To Fit In Our Jeans
Not See World Through Our Eyes
But On Screen

We Androids
Human Mind Been Sacrificed
Now It’s Chip On The Shoulder
They Using It For Their Benefit
With Fear And Ego We Been Grown up
This All What Television Shows Us

We Are Human Resources
No More Just Humans Beings
Using Our Fears For Their Benefit
Which Is Our Animal Instinct

To Fight Each Other So To Live
They Want Us To Fight
They Want Us To Be Fearful
Using Our Fear Of Death
They Want Us To Be Dreadful

Compete And Not Stop To Think

So We Keep Fighting Each Other
To Maintain Our Ground
Even If World Keep Turning
Upside Down

They Don’t Want Us To
Look At Bigger Picture
But The Small World In
Which They Condition Us To Be Around

So They Maintain Things
As They Want
So We Live In Small Cubical And Box

We Are Androids
Human Is Brain Washed
To Be Like Assembly Line
So We Produce What They Want

Without Questioning The Integrity Of It
We Keep Doing The Same Job
Human Resources
They Controlling Us
Cause They Know What We Afraid Off

Human Resources

Human Resources


Written by A.P

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