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I’m The Truth
I’m The Reason
I Can Do Whatever I Want
I’m The Freedom

I’m The Life
I’m The Lies
I’m The Society
Broken By Boundaries Defined

I’m The Human
I’m The Eyes
I’m The Energy
I’m Alive

I’m The Wind
I’m The Sun
I’m The Land
I’m The Water That Runs

I’m The Need
I’m The Greed
I’m The Smile
I’m The Pain In My Eyes

Truth Is Beyond Oneself
It’s The Universe In Which We Dwell
Am I A Freedom Seeker?
Constrained By Societies Thoughts & The Illusions

Corporate Ruling The World
I Need Cars
I Need Mobile
I Need Petrol
To Run My Life

It Seems I’m Free
But Restricted By Choice

Cars To Be Stuck In Jams
Stuck With Mobile
Forgetting The Bigger Plan

And Not Be Zombified
It’s The Corporates That’s Running Our Life

Dominated By Brands
Dominated By Logos
Forgetting I’m Free To Choose
And I’m Free To Go
I’m As Free As I Let Myself Know

Look Devil In The Eyes
& Realize Depth Of Life
I’m The Universe
I’m The Energy
I’m The Vibes

I’m Forgetting The Nature
And Fear Dominates Me

Realize – Inside Is A State Of Anarchy
Realize The Reason
I’m A Being
The Quest Is Bigger Than The Security
The Picture IS Bigger Than It Seems

I Live Not To Comply With
But To Find What Life Means
I’m The Human Being

Grab What Time Gives

Free Oneself
Free Others
Hate To Carry Is A Burden

As Above
So Below
Not Outside
But Inside A Life Grows…





Written by A.P

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