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I Can Grit My Teeth
Be Quiet And Discreet
Secrets? That I Can Keep
Friends Help Friends? Indeed!

You Said Please!
How Can I Say No To Friend In Need
So Be It
This Way It Will Be!

And You Can Believe
I Won’t Lie Through My Teeth
If It Sets You Free?

So It’s A Deal!
If It Lets You Sleep
Then Your Secret Is Safe With Me!
Go Now Do Your Deeds!

And Dare You Weep!
This One I Will Take For Team!
Aren’t We?
Hope It Brings You Relief

Help Overcomes Grief!
And Bring Much Required Peace!
Don’t Worry I Won’t Leave
You In Between
We Will Find The Answers To The Questions You Seek!

I Want To See You Relieved!
Thank You For Your Confidence
I’m Honored And Won’t Cheat!
It’s Confidential
And Strictly Between You And Me!

“Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed”

Hush Hush

Hush Hush


Written by A.P

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