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It’s In My Hands And Mind
It’s What I Decide
No Situation Has Power Over What I Assign
It’s Grade And Level Of Difficulty Is My Choice!

The World Is Cause, I Am!
It’s My Life
I’m Talking Healthy Ego
Of “I, Me, My And Mine”

The Power Is Me
The Force What I Derive
From Inside
Do I Handle The Situation Or
Let It Drive?

What Can’t I Deal With?
What Can’t I Solve?
Is It To Difficult To Get Back After The Fall?

The Decision
How Long I Fought?
Did I Give Up
Before I Get What I Want?

It’s A Mental Decision
Not A Results Of Wars I Fought!
I’m Gonna Get Up, Get Back And
Try Non- Stop!

I Am
I Was
And I Will Be
The One Who Never Stopped!

Magic Is Real
It’s All About Thoughts
What I Think Of Myself
And What I Wanna Be!
It’s Mine To Create My Reality

“The Only Way To Predict Future Is To Create”
And It’s Never Too Late!

I Am

I Am


Written by A.P

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