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I Said – RISE!!!
Tonight We Do Or Die!
Come On FIGHT!!

Enough With Hide And Seek!
No Need To Hide!
Come Out From The Dark
And Keep Your Head Up High!

Come Out In The Light!
Acid Burns In The Veins!
Fire It Ignites
Burning Sensation, It Pains?
Thoughts Burning Through The Night!!

Come- Come And Fight!!
One Blow- Two Blow- Three!
Three Blows Weak!
Against One Blow Harder And Tight!!
Hit One Stronger

Than Their Three Combined!
Keep The Will To Smile!
Knock Their Grins Off!
Knock Off Their Ego
Choke Their Pride!!

Come Out From The Dark
Come Out In The Light!!
Show Your Face!
Show Your Eyes!
Give Them Piece Of Your Mind!

I Say You Come Out Now!
Now Is The Time!
Burns? Let It Burn!
Use It As Your Direction
Can You Hear The Chant From Behind!?

“Get Up And Rise”
These Emotions You Ride!
I Pity The Fool Whoever Made You Cry!
Now It’s Your Turn To Make It Right!!

I Pity The Fool!!

I Pity The Fool!!


Written by A.P

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