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I Don’t Know What’s Best For Me
Following The People Who Deceive
The One Who Can Stand On Stage And Speak
There I Go, I Follow The Lead!

Ignoring The Truth Behind
That’s Propaganda And Greed
My Thinking And Rationality Is Off To Sleep
Following The Masses The News And Report They Feed

I’m Not Up For Reality
And Never Questions What I See
And Killed By My Belief
I Question Nothing And I Believe

Following The Ones With Crooked Schemes
I Think Alone I’m Weak!
Blind Faith In The System
My Name Is “Sheep”

I Think They Know The Best
Search For Reality And The Truth?
I Never Went For Such A Quest!

They Wear Costly Outfits
So What If They Hollow Inside?
It’s Their Sparkling Teeth
That Captured My Attention, My Eyes And My Mind!
Brain kept Aside!

Their Smile And They Are Charming
What’s The Harm In It?
Just Nodding Along And Following The Order!
What’s The Worst That Can Happen?
I Don’t Bother

And That’s Why
I’m The Slaved Forever!

Idiot's Guide

Idiot’s Guide


Written by A.P

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What’s wrong in believeing? Every person isn’t as self-minded and as self-reliant as another. Sometimes it is OK to listen to what other people have to say and take it into consideration. We are social beings, we have to (with some rare exceptions) interact in order to sustain our existence and mental health. Everyone can’t be the rock, the one who doesn’t bend at all. Holding on to your principles as they are the oxygen you breathe makes life complicated, you are stiff. But the base of life is change. Interacting is moving on. Even if you aren’t talking to somebody you can be interacting..


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