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To Live And Die Innocent
With Purity In Thoughts
Away From The Greed And Evil
And All Polluting Thoughts

Ignorance Is Curse Or Bliss?
When Innocence Is Lost
May Fame And Fortune You Have It All!
But Innocence Can’t Be Bought..

I Hope Your Heart Be Pure
And May You Laugh A Lot!
With Child Like Imagination
Dreaming Never Stops

All The Doubts And Struggle
You Fought
And All The Roads You Cross
May Returns To Innocence

Nothing You Will Take With You..
No Matter What All You Bought
Collect All You Want
You Pass Away With Your Thoughts

Ignorance Is Bliss?
But Surely Curse It’s Not!

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance Is Bliss


Written by A.P

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