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Why Do I Think A Lot!
Is This Right? Is This Wrong?
Trying To Jot
And Connect All The Dots!

Is There Any Theme To It!
Is There A Plot?
Or Life Is So Many Random Acts
In Which I Got Caught!

On The Route To Self Discovery
I Find Myself Lost!
In Search For Answers All The Miles I Walked!
Saints And Sages
Their Guidance I Sought!

Tell Me Why..
Why Is It Day Or Night Thinking Never Stops!
War Against Self So Many I Fought
So I Am The Real Enemy Isn’t It?
Or Am I Not!?

What Is It
My Destiny Already Written?
Or I Write It As I Walk?
Tell Me Why Before I Even Begin I Stop!

Tell Me Is There Really God?
Who Is listening To My Thought!
Who Can Sense My Pain
Heal My Cuts And Clots!

Ill At Ease

Ill At Ease


Written by A.P

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