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We All Need To Turn Off The Thoughts
And Turn Off The Brain
They Target Our Emotion
See Through Eyes
Does It All Feels The Same?

We All Have The Knowledge
And The Notions
From Which We All Need To Break
Preconceived Judgement In Mind
Is Not What It Takes

Need To Start Fresh
Let Go Of The Old
Then Only We Know
How Much In Our Hands We Actually Hold

Need To Look Again
Need To Look Into Actions
Letting Go Off The Thoughts
Letting Go Off The Words
From The Truth
It’s All And More Distraction

Merged Into Mirage
Dipped Into False
Covered With Lies
That’s Life Of Us All

What We Learned
We Need To Let Go
It’s The Problem
That We Think We Know

Keep An Open Mind
Truth Is There
We Got Dust In Our Eyes
We Think We Know
That’s Where Their Power Lies

It’s A Conspiracy Theory
Illuminati No Longer Hides!
Consumerism & Television
That Is Where They Want Us To Die

In The Name Of God They Sell Us Dark And Call It Light




Written by A.P

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