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Past Never Follows Me,
Future Doesn’t Change Me,
Present Is What I Live In!
– Time

World Doesn’t Change Me,
Emotions Doesn’t Betray Me,
I Get What I Give In!
– Karma

Decision Are My Own,
I Can’t Change What’s Gone,
Learn To Live In!
– Environment

Not Much Changing,
Sitting In A Room Keep On Thinking & Keep On Blaming,
Get Up And Do What Needs To Be Done!
It’s Your Decision And No One Else-None!
– Effort

I’m The Reason,
I’m To Be Blamed
If I’m Not Positive
Nothing Ever Will Change
People Speak, It’s All Vague,
It’s The Brain That Plays Tricks
Emotionally All, But Physically Nothing Change.
– Thoughts

Get Up & Realize
How Strong You Are & How To Carry Your Name!!
How Everything Is Trick Of The Thoughts In The Brain
You Can Do It All
If You Learn To Tame
– Emotions

Everyone Is Struggling,
Everyone Is In Different Place,
We All Are In A Fight,
Finding Our self In New Ways,
Everything Is Good
No Matter What’s The Time,
& What’s The Place
We Are Here To Learn & Change
– Humans

I'm The Reason

I’m The Reason


Written by A.P

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