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Will You Travel In Time
And Come My Way!
Will You Walk The Memory Lane
And Stay

Would You Be Up And Awake!
Remembering All Up Till Late
Will You Give Me A Moment
From Your Day!

Reminiscing How We Laughed And Played!
How Times Change!
Will You Remember Me On Our Special Dates!
In Memory Of Life And Fate!

Will It Put A Smile On Your Face?
Time And Time Again!
Or Will You Remember Me
With Contempt And Hate!

A Smile Which Will Be Fake
Just For The Sake!
What Kind Of Impact I Made?
Would You Travel In Time And Wait?

So Together Memories We Could Chase!
Will You Travel With Me Into The Space
Will You Remember Me?
Cause I Will Never Forget You!
Love From Beyond The Grave!

In Memory Of..

In Memory Of..


Written by A.P

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