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In This War!
In This Fight!
Me Against Myself Every Night!
Thoughts And Emotions Choking The Pipe!

Seems Hard To Distinguish Between Wrong And Right!
What Will I Do?
How Will I Survive?
Will I Turn And Die?

At Times I Think, I Just Might!
War Against Time
And Every Second Going By
I Think I Am Losing
I Am Losing The Sight!

Every Emotion That Strikes
All What I Feel
And Nothing Excites
Why Am I Negatively Inclined?

Vision Gets Cloudy And Blurry!
I Think I Will Get Better If I Cry!
Then Even My Tears Are Dried!
Then I Think Will I Be Able To Rise?

Have I Really Lost Everything?
That Even Hope Doesn’t Shine!
Where Did It All Go?
Will It Ever Be Fine?

What To Do?
I Am Not Able To Decide!
Is It Too Much?
Am I Crossing The Line?

Am I Fighting Too Much?
After All I Am The One On Both Sides
Isn’t It Wrong?
Killing Self Is A Crime!

Maye Be I Need To Be Here
To Know What It’s Like!
Need To Be In Darkness To
Appreciate The Light!

On The Road To The Answers
I Am Out To Find!
What I Want
I Will Get
If I Just Make My Mind!

Efforts Towards What I Want
And It All Will Be Mine!

In A Dark Place!

In A Dark Place!


Written by A.P

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