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Cities Being Destroyed!
People Being Killed!
Forcing People
To Give Up Their Freedom And Will!

With Desperation, Questions And Confusion
People Are Filled!
Some Don’t Even Have Enough To Eat
Some Have More Than Enough To Splurge And Spill!

No Food To Eat!
But Companies Still Sending Their Bills!
In Wars, Poor Men Suffer!
And It’s Rich Men’s Thrill!

Rich Men In Mansions
Poor Under Debris
Lying There Still!
Some Covered In Gold
Some Living In Filth!

Humans So Many
While Humanity Becomes Extinct!
Turning Blind Eye Towards Social Evil
Join The Army And Only Killing Is Required Skill!
Follow The Orders  Not Allowed To Think!

Weighing  Scale Of Justice
Seems To Have A Tilt!
Because Justice You Can Buy With Money
Without Any Guilt!




Written by A.P

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Bailey Jenson

Now you choose a time to shine..
with words of fact..
The truth’s defined..
are Wars just criminal mastermind?

If we all just sit back..
And let it all go..
How, do our children..
reap what we sow?
Idly watching,
Standing on by..
While our brothers are fighting.
And watching them die?

End all the wars..
End all the sadness..
There WILL be social unrest..
and Temporary Madness!

“The world in which we weave..
Is not the world we think we know..
It’s not the seeds we’re planting..
Unless we stay to watch them grow..
It’s not the facts we’re learning from..
It’s the darkness in our lives..
Not the blood we’re bleeding,
Once we’ve felt them run their knives..

It’s not the people screaming..
and the killing in it’s streets..
It’s the good ones all around them
the one’s you rarely meet..”

They will decide the future..
and they will try to end the wars..
Try to guide with love and light..
And open once locked doors.

Never all the one’s you think


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