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Sit Down We Wanna Talk To You!

What’s Wrong With You?
Are You Alright?
Why Are You In Constant Struggle And Fight?
Constantly Running Outside!

Where Are You Going?
What Are You Aiming To Find?
Look Inside!
That’s Where Answers Hide

That’s Where Strength Lies!
It’s All How You Want It!
It’s All About What You Like!
What Is Wrong!?
Why Are You Not Enjoying The Time!

Live The Present!
Live The Life!
But Why Are You Thinking Day And Night!?
Be With Eyes!

Why Lost In Thoughts
And Turning Blind?
Be In Present!
With Your Breathe Synchronize!

Do You See Clearly Where The Problem Hides?
We Are Worried About You Man!
So We Trying To Make A Point
Nothing Will Happen By Running, Sit Peacefully And Quiet!

Stand Up To The Problem
With Peace In Mind, That’s When Answer Comes Flying By!
Why Are You Losing The Sight?
We Can’t Control Anything!
But We Can Control Our Mind!

How We React Is What We Can Decide!
It’s Our Choice!
We Want You To Take It Easy And Take It Light!
We Are Worried About You Man!
So, We Can’t Just Let It Slide!

We Care For You!
And We Want You To Use All Your Might!
Hit A Strike!
Against Odd

So People Say “My Oh My”
This One Is Full Of Surprise!
We Want You To Rise!
And Not Fade With Time!

We Are And Always Will Be Beside!
You Will Do Great And It All Will Be Fine!
Just Focus And Keep It Cool And Nice!
No Problem Is Ever Bigger Than You Decide- Alright?




Written by A.P

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