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What We Think Is Not Much,
What We Do Is Surely Required,
What We Know Is Good!
But How We Act…Should Be Justified!

Sit In A Corner And Think Of The Life,
Or Go Out In The Street And Roll The Dice,
What Will Make A Bigger Difference?
A Bigger Impact…Decide?

What We Do For Our self Is Necessary!
It Should Be A Priority And It’s Alright!
And What Can We Actually DO For Others?
It’s Just Be Nice..

Compassion, Passion It’s All Good!
Love Is Important- Right!
But Love Oneself First,
Cause We Are Our Partners In Lonely Nights

Greed Brings Us Together,
Needs Hold Us Tight!
I Don’t Know Much..
But It’s All Good..

Who You Run From? It’s All Fine.

Fear Is Needed,
Scared? – It’s OK!
If I Knew Any Better, But I Don’t !
All I Grabbed Is – Nothing Is Permanent ,
Nothing Gonna Stay!
No Emotion, No Anger & No Pain,
Tomorrow A Another Day..

Love – Crushed?
A Pain? – You Hurt?
A Sound Back Of The Head – It’s Enough!

Don’t Worry
I Promise It’s OK
Walk With Your Head Up
Actually, Really See The World!

It Is OK

It Is OK


Written by A.P

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