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Ray of light in the sky
& Flying Birds
Twinkling stars at night
& Giving my silence the words

Heart on sleeves
Writing all down what I feel!
Only then I’m relieved

Pen down crazy feeling & feel content
No clue what to write in what context
NO!! It’s not a contest
Just start with “A” & it ends somewhere

Rap, Poem, Song
what to call it?
What’s more amazing!?
You don’t wanna!!
Then don’t read it!
Who says you need to go beyond your will
So beat it!

Don’t care what you thinking!
Trying to find my reason
& Life meaning!

Crazy adulthood!
Memories from childhood
My old hood
My Bad & Good!

What I liked, & What people Disliked!
They always telling to be nice!
The day which couldn’t be worst
All get there share of words

I feel it
& It’s on the page!
Feelings!! They trapped in a open cage!
I Feel It!
& Smile with craze!

Who cares!
More they drive me nuts
Better the rhyming words

I say it, How I see it!
You don’t wanna then don’t indulge in it!
It’s my will!
You don’t like it!
Don’t care for your thinking!

My life!
My words!
My phrase!
& My Chorus!
Here’s a question!

Why people feed bullshit & lies?
& Still telling to smile!
I’m with you people!
But why people against my life?
Stabbing my will with a silver knife

I’m always up for fight!!

When all written down
It’s like shooting bullets from mouth!
All out & all on page
Lion out of cage
It’s finished & even I’m amazed
It’s all just my craze

It’s all in the moment
& All in air
It’s all overwhelming right now
MAN!! This is my craze
Right now it’s strong & sometime it’s breezy
Not trying to sound cheesy
Feelings they not easy!

Sometime smile & sometime pain
I hold them tight & Go insane
All nailed to the page
Who cares!! I’m High or Low, I Don’t!!
Love to see my pen in a flow!

All is crazy & stupid feeling
Want me to go beyond my limit!
See the devil!
See the evil!
Making me feel like dare devil..Evil kenevil

Making me go beyond & Touch the sky!
I’m out of breath
Still wanna go a step high!
Sky is not the limit!
Limit is not a word I like!

Go in depth of intensity
& Drag out moments from corner of life!
When all combined
It’s ocean deep & Sky high!

Not easy to define
Life on page
It’s just the moment
& This is my craze

Expression have no ending
Sometimes it feels out of reach
The silence is the best music!
It connects to me!

Its headbanging crazy
& Make my head spin!

Say It, How I See It.

Say It, How I See It.


Written by A.P

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