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It’s Fake!
And Time To Change!
Are You With Me?
It’s Time To Wake!

Why So Much Hate?
Cause Of Prejudice That We Maintain!

It’s A Sham!
What A Shame!
And We All Feel The Same!
And The Way It’s Been Portrayed!
It’s An Outrage!

We Been Framed!
To Believe
To See
What Is Not There!

Country, Caste And Religion
Are Just The Names
We Gave
But They Manipulate
Filling Us With Prejudice And Hate!

Today We Break
From The Notions And Separate
Ourselves And See The Charade
Today We Break From The Hate Cage
And With Each Other We Relate

Know What’s Fake!
It’s All Man Made!
It’s Always Said-
Truth Never Shakes!

Boundaries And Lines?
But We Still Are One Human Race!
We Should Be Together
And Not Against

Each Other
No Matter The Country Or State
Same Emotions We Demonstrate
And Face

Religion And Nationality
Breaks Us
With Boundaries They Try To Cave Us
We All Are Same
If We Just Wake Up!

Boundaries Can’t
Chain Us!
We All Are Same Under The Clouds
Which Shades Us!

It's Fake!

It’s Fake!


Written by A.P

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