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It’s Business Of Souls
Business Of Silver And Gold!
It’s All About
How Masses Can Be Controlled!

Selling Things To The Ones
Already Sold!
Selling Them Consciousness
The Known And Unknown!
Creating Propaganda Behind The Locked Door!

Controlling Humans
It’s The Most Abundant Resource
And Most Valuable Of Course
We Are The Most Valuable
This Very Fact Unconsciously We Ignore!

We Think What Matters More Is Oil And Coal!
Trapped Into Collecting Material
We Been Shown
The Ultimate Goal
It’s To Collect More And More!

In The End
What Do You Have To Show For?
This Is The Reason Of Greed
This Question Is It’s Very Core!

Our Thoughts Being Put Into A Mould!
More The Material
Merrier The Soul!
That’s Where Greed Takes It’s Hold!

Collect Currency Notes!
And Next Aim For What You Can’t Afford!
More Cars, Bigger Home!
In Pursuit Of Material
We Been Lured!

And We Give Into It
The Bones They Throw
And Let Them Control!
Controlled Minds Do
As Being Told!

Which Consciously They Won’t!
It’s All Business Sonny,
You Think It’s Personal?


It's Not Personal, Sonny. It's Strictly Business!

It’s Not Personal, Sonny. It’s Strictly Business!


Written by A.P

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