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When The Time Goes By
How Will You Be Spending Your Days?
Touching Your Face
Feeling The Change!

Wondering Underneath Are You Still The Same
How You Changed And In What Ways!
Memories Rush Through The Veins
And Pictures Start Popping In The Brain!

No Sensation And Numbness
You Feel The Heavy Weight!
And Hands Starts To Shake!
You Recollect It All
What All You Lost And What All You Gained!

Is It Exactly What You Wanted To Make?
Mirror It Speaks To You!
And The Images It Portrays!

How Time Took It All Away!
The Dreams And Desires
The Things You Wanted To Experience
The Way You Wanted It All To Shape!
Why You Let It All Go To Waste?

Did The Circumstances Hold And Mold You!
Why Were You Asking For Permission
And Didn’t Just Take?
Isn’t It Said – Don’t Wait For Opportunity, Create!
Why You Gave Up The Chase!??

Mirror It Speaks To You!
And The Thoughts It Generates
It’s Clutches You Are Not Able To Escape
And It Keeps You Awake!
For What You Kept Waiting For?

Do You Have The Answer For The Wait?
Bit Early Or Late
But You Still Could Have Made!
Will You Able To Answer This –

Why You Gave Up!
And Why You Caved?
End Of The Day
You Are Answerable To No One But Self
For Yourself, What You Have To Say?

It's You Vs You!

It’s You Vs You!


Written by A.P

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The world in which you weave..
Is not the world you think you know..
Its not the seeds we’re planting unless you stay and watch them grow..
Its not the people decieving us..
Offering a choice..
Its the ones who love us ddeeply..
And celebrate our voice..

So many numbers..
I loose a few each day..
I guess the opportunities,
Cave and fall away..
Even though I search for them..
Its just the games YOU play..

Showing for a moment..
Running from the room..
Like I should be chasing you..
This is how you “groom”??

I value sincerity.
Consistency and truth…
Not someone just tempting me..
And up and off aloof..

For treasures aren’t in offers..
Nor are they in gold.
They’re within our families..
And the loved ones we can hold

I will not be bought..
I will not be sold..
I will treasure honesty..
Till the day that I grow old.
I would love to meet her..
But I think her souls been sold


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