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I Got Money In My Pocket!
Credit Cards In My Purse!
My Office So High Above
I Can See The Curve Of The Earth!

I Got Private Jets And Cars
I’m Billionaire In Worth!
Jewellery So Exclusive
You Won’t Find It Easy To Search

I Got Companies In My Name
So Many Employees Under Me Work!
I’m The CEO
With Mansions All Around The World!

Exclusive Clothing
And Endless Supply Of The Fund!
I Can Spend Thousands In A Day
Still Where’s The Fun?

What More Does One Need?
Is It Thrill Of The Hunt?
I Got Everything For Which People Run!
I Attached Meaning To Everything Worldly
But I Feel No Pleasure- None!

I Am Jack’s Fading Smirk!
I’m So Bored!
I Can Shoot Myself With Gun!
Always Running For Next Thing
No Satisfaction In Return!

Who Am I?
I Am Jack’s Consciousness At Work!
Welcome To My Fight Club!

I Am Jack's

I Am Jack’s


Written by A.P

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