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Jaded And Dry!
That Even When You Try
Then Also You Can’t Even Cry
An Emptiness Eats You Alive!

You Want To Be Free
And Feel!
But No Longer Emotionally Inclined!
You Even Fake Happiness
You Glue The Smile!

Inside There’s Nothing
And You Think Why?
When And Where I Lost From Time?
It Took The Best Of Me
I Don’t Deny..

Heart Burned Out Of Life
Emptiness Prevail
You Try But
Nothing Really Actually Excites

It’s Been Long
Since Any Emotion Over Powered Your Mind!
You Wait For Something To Hit
But Nothing Strikes

Doing Things As Assigned
Asking No Reason Or Rhyme
No Emotion Attached
Passion Dies
Inside There’s Been A Suicide

A Constant Struggle
That You Been Doing For While!
Now It’s All Black
And Empty Eyes
From The War And Fight!

Don’t Give Up
It Will Be Alright!




Written by A.P

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