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In Your Lost Moments
No One To Hold Your Hand
Words Losing Their Meaning – “I CAN?”
In This Moment You Just Can’t

It’s A Beautiful Day
But When Things Go Out Of Plan
When You Want To Take It All Out
Just Go Out And Rant!!

You Keep Falling
And Not Seem To Land
There’s This Pain You Just Can’t Stand

Agony, Misery
No Heaven, Just Damn!!
There’re No Angel
Just Devil With The Plan

There’s No Grand Scheme Of Things
Just Agony That Clams
Minute Never Seem To End
Feels Like Life Span

There’s This Pain
There’s This Mirror
There’s This Man!
Who Is Not YOU

Cause This One – JUST CAN’T!
Is This Moment, This Time And Place
There’s No Hope , No Light
And Nothing To Be Glad
This Is The Moment Of I JUST CAN’T!!

Just Can't

Just Can’t


Written by A.P

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