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Hey You!
What you looking at? DO SOMETHING!!
Are you stupid? SAY SOMETHING!!

Coward shit!
Act according to the needs!
It’s wrong!
Can’t you judge what’s happening!?

Staring at the sky
Helpless you are, Some help you need!
What you need democracy for?
You can’t even speak accordingly..

Standing in a corner,
Can’t even move freely
You are brain dead,
Just a walking human body

Respond you maniac!!
Give a response you freak!!

Think about right & wrong!
Don’t just stand there..
This show must not go on!

Work with your brain
It’s the need of hour
MOVE!! Make something happen!
She is a role model!

She been attacked & She screams badly!
She always been blind folded!
Horrifying Humanity!
Wow! Look at the irony & see the human greed!

You know What!
She is a statute,
Not even living!

She always said justice for all & equal to all!
Even is “HE” comes She won’t favor So Called “The God”
Look at humans we even eat the dogs

Forgive us!
We are humans!
It’s A excuse in itself!
We are our own destruction
We dig our own hell!

I seen it!
Human even eat themselves
Leave Other Humans Crying For Help
Nothing will remain
All will be dead!

Killing ourselves we can’t blame you!
All the stupidity we do
& Consequences we will have to bear too!

Humans – Justice For None Statues

Justice For None

Justice For None


Written by A.P

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coral rose

Einstein comes to mind: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”


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