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Blank Pages
And Pen In The Hand!
Thinking Of Life
And Where Do I Stand?

Mind Full Of Confusion
What’s My Purpose
Hard To Understand!
Born Today To Die Tomorrow!

What About In between
Time Span!
Do I Invest My Time
Or Just Spend!

So Called Land Of Opportunity
Everyone Got The Chance!
So What’s Wrong With Me?
Where I Lack In My Plans!?

One Life, Only One Time!
Heard So Many Chants!
Meaningless It All Seems
With Meaningless Information
We Are Cramped!

At Times I’m Larger Than Life
Then At Times I’m Just One Little Man!
Crushed Like Ant
One More In The Clan!

Should I Write Empty Words
or Just Leave It Blank?
Stop This
One More out There To Rant!

Who Am I?
In The Land Of Confusion
I’m Another Man!
Searching For Something To Hold Onto

A Belief That There Is A Bigger Plan And
It All Works Out In The End!

Land Of Confusion!

Land Of Confusion!


Written by A.P

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