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Can You Derive Energy From Within?
Or Do You Easily Give In?
Do You Feel Miserable While Living
Lost In Oblivion

Have You Stopped Believing?
Drowning In Loathing And Agony
Are These Your Only Feelings?
Do You Feel Life Isn’t Giving?

Or Do You Rise Back Up?
Ready To Fight With Thoughts
Always Colliding
You Haven’t Lost And Never Will

If You Keep Rising
Winners Are Made With Will
To keep On Fighting
The Last Man Standing

That’s How Winner Is Decided
Be That Refreshing And Surprising
It’s Your Fight Against Self
Fight Against Doubts

How Will You Be Surviving?
Send This Self-Pity Flying
Are You Living Each Day?
Or Are You Each Day Dying?
Are You Happy Or Just Crying?

Self-Pity And Doubts
No Time For Enjoying?
Fear Your Biggest Enemy
And It’s Always Lying!

Helps Comes From Inside
It’s What You Derive
You Will Not Lose The Fight
It’s What You Decide

It’s Not Fight Against The World
It’s Fight Against Your Negative Side
The Last Man Standing
Is The Winner Of The Fight

Take A Bow
With Honor And The Pride!

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing


Written by A.P

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