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Do You Derive
Strength From The Envy!
Do You Get
Direction From The Jealousy!

“If He Can Do It
Then Why Not Me!?”
Not Everything Is Bad
That Comes From The Enemy!

An Urge To Prove Ignites
I Too Can Be!!
I Too Can Do It
And Then Some

You Shall See!
A Direction
Giving The Raw Energy
Lessons In Disguise!

Showing Me The Mirror
He Won’t Come And Speak To Me Politely
He Will Say It To My Face
Showing Me The Reality!

If Falling Behind
It Won’t Be Taken Lightly
On The Face Cruelty
Teasing And Taunting Me Unapologetically

It’s All A Mentality !
“If He Can Do It
Then Why Not Me!?”
Making Me Question
My Abilities!

Why Am I Sitting Idly?
Burning Time
Nothing Will Come Automatically
It’s Time To Start Working On My Desires
And Create Opportunities

To Catch My Dreams
To Push The Envelope
Far Beyond Anyone’s Reach
It’s The Lesson From The Enemy!

Lesson From The Enemy!

Lesson From The Enemy!



Written by A.P

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Bailey Jenson

“Light will always Overcome” <haven't you seen starwars?"

If you carry on like this,
You'll never win..
Breaking all the cardinal sins..
The "friends" you have..
Are not you're foe..
Keep it up.. You may never "know"

You see..
anyone can rant,
Anyone can rave..
The power that you seek..

isn’t as simple as..
Belief in “you’re right”
It’s these very actions.
That’s decided you’re plight..

You’re ego now..
On show to see..
The lesson here..
Is in you..
Not me..

I share in love..
I share in kindness..
You unplug yourself..
with selfish blindness!

this is only temporary..
Because you’re not the enemy..
grandeur and delusions shown..
How little you’ve learnt..
How little you’ve grown..
The seeds we planted should have grown..
Sadly you now reap what you’ve sown..

Anyone can be a selfish twat..
Judging others by what “they’ve” got..
Looking at yourself is key..
To understand you’re enemy..
Yet doing this alone,
Will never set you free..
Continue on this path, dear one..
And i’ll never set you free.

No longer learning wisdoms words…
or sharing the lessons with selfish turds..
Because there are people everywhere..
Who share in love..
and i I know they care..

When you learn..
That you are loved..
with respect, you’ll rise above..
Out of these ashes..
We’re feeling the burn..
Respect is not given..
It’s something you “earn”

The true keys,
You will have in time..
That wasn’t poetry..
It’s a lyrical crime..


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