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Just Do Your Best!
Rest Let It Go
Don’t Fret!
One Struggle After The Other
Mind Always In A Mess!

Running From One Place To Another
Always Calculating Next Step!
Where To Go?
And What To Do?
Always In State Of Unrest!

All The Heavy Feelings Riding On The Chest
What To Expect Next?
Makes You Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin
And Makes You Wanna Rip Off Your Flesh!

Life Hands You Over A Test
Questions That Makes You Doubt Your Own Quest!
Unraveling Events That Upsets
To See How You Do It In Stress

If Not Today
Maybe Tomorrow It Will Make Sense
Don’t Let It Make You Obsessed And Depressed!
All The Very Best!

Lesson In Life

Lesson In Life


Written by A.P

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