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As You Let Go Of Some
So Did I
Some We Call Good
And Some Bad Experience Of Life

Some We Accept Readily
Some We Fight And Deny
Why It Happened To me

Isn’t Life About Leting Go?
And Then We Enjoy
Or Drag And Be Dragged
Being Reluctant To Accept Reality Of Time

Where Does Salvation Lies?
In Others?
Material? Or

To Whom And Where
Should We look
Who Will Guide?
Where Is Hope ?
The Ray Of Light

Isn’t Fight With Self
The War Of Life?
The Meaning We Give
The Morals
The Signs We Define

Hell Really A Place
Destination We Reach After We Die?
Or Hell Is As We Live
Unhappy And Unsatisfied

What Is Heaven?
Where Is It Found?
Only After Death
Can’t We Locate It
If We Look Around?

When Is What
Who And How
We Should Forget Past
Not Worry For Future
And Use Our Experience Now

Let Go And Know
Happiness Is Delivered From Inside To Out!


Let Go

Let Go


Written by A.P

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