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How Are You Dear?
Are You Fine?
Are You Alright?
Today I Write!
To Ask You What Is It Like?

Do You Enjoy Yourself?
Are You Enjoying The life?
Working For Your Dreams!
Aiming Towards Great Height!?

How Are Your Days?
Do You Sleep Peacefully At Night?
Or Are You Up With Thoughts
In Search Of Something To Find!?

What Is It Like!
Can You Define?
Your Eyes Are They Happy Shiny Bright?
What Is It Going Inside?

What Goes In Your Mind?
Do You Feel Happy?
Do You Giggle And Smile?
Are You Living The Moments

As Each Second Passes By And Waves Goodbye
Relishing The Sights
The Sky And The Light
Do You Feel The Happy Vibes?
I Hope You Feel The Rush Of Being Alive!

Do You Feel Confident?
I Hope You Are Winning All Your Battles
And All The Fights!
Never Let Your Spirit Die

How Are You Dear?
What Is Your Life Like?

Sincerely And Curiously Yours,





Written by A.P

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