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Why Are You Vexed With Me?
Why Are You Staring So Annoyingly
Can’t You Believe What You See?
Are You So Disgusted With Reality?

If, I’m Not All Good
But I’m Not As Well All Mean!
Why Do You Forget About The Smiles?
Why Do You Only Remember The Times You Weep?
Do You Judge Everything Equally?

What’s Wrong With You?
Isn’t It All How It’s Suppose To Be?
Is It Not Going As Per Your Schemes?
What Happened To Everything Happens For A Reason?
Now, Where Is Your Sense Of Reasoning?

And What Happened To Every Dark Cloud Has Silver Lining?
Why Is It Hard Times You Curse
When Your Emotions Run Deep
What Happened When You Were Happier?
When You Felt Relieved?

I’m ‘Life’
And I Give You Every Kind Of Seed
It’s All About What You Plant
Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree

I’m ‘Life’
Instead Of Asking Me The Questions-
Why Is Life Hard
And Non Stop You Scream!

Let Me Ask You!!
What Is Your Deal?
What More Do You Need?
I Never Stop You!
You Stop When You Feel!

I Never Create Obstacle
It Goes In Your Mind And About What You Believe!
You Can Always Push Through It
It’s All About How Bad You Wanna Catch Your Dreams!

Only Hard Times You Remember!
When You Are Not Able To Sleep!
What Happened When You Were Happier?
Did You Then Remember Me?

I’m Life!
You Ungrateful Humanity!

Life, And It's Questions!

Life And It’s Questions!


Written by A.P

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