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In All The Moments Of Mess
There’s Moment Of Life…
From Moments of Doubts To Feeling Of Being Alive…
Smile For The Day You Just Survived!

All The Suffocation,
Frustration & Moments Hard To Deny..
High Five For What You Just Survived..

Full Moon & Calm Soothing Light
From Hot Winds To Great Heights
Bow Down In Pray, For Day In The Life..

Water, Land, Sun & Sky..
Unappreciated Elements Of Time..

Come On Grumpy Open Your Eyes
It’s A New Day!!
Bundle Of Joy..

From Mystery & Science
From Faith To Passing Signs
Growing Nails & Fights
Wisdom & Insight
Smiling Children On Carousel Ride

From Variety Of Things In Pocket
Different Mood & Different Life-Style

From New Born To Old Ones
From Anniversary’s To Birthdays
At The End All Passing To Graves

From Paper Boat In The Water
To The Pearl Harbor
Everything Crumbles
Take It Day At A Time…

Millions Ideas Non
Completed Till The Day
Be Happily Alive..
You Were Privileged To Stay..

No Job Is Too Big
& No Job Is Too Small
The Heart You Put In..Says It All!!

Take It Day At A Time..

Be Part Of It..
Don’t Seize To Exist
You Are Here!!
What More??
Just Live!!!

Life In A Day

Life In A Day


Written by A.P

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