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You Walk Into Unknown
With The Blindfold
What Horrors And Wonders It Holds
Behind The Door
Makes You Smile And Cry!

You Walk Into It..
Scared Where Have You Arrived
Cold, Quiet And Calm Nights
Scary Days, Noises And Lights

1,2,3….80 And You Die
80 Years Yet No Time
It’s Confusing In Between
How Fast It All Goes By

Where All Right Treated As Wrong
And The Wrong Rewarded As Right!
Then Again Who’s To Say
What’s Wrong And Right?

Hold It Tight
And Watch It Slip In Front Of Your Eyes
It Fades As You Grow
With Each Sun Rise

Who Are You?
And Who’s On Your Side?
What It All Means?
What’s Life?

Do Whatever Makes You Feel Alive!!




Written by A.P

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