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Are You Pushing Us Away?
Trying To See How Much I Can Take
Are We Going Strong?
Or A Snap And We Will Break?

Are You Testing The Limits
Is It Real Or Is It Fake?
Are You Testing The Still Water
How Deep Will It Take?

Or Is It Shallow And Stale?
Trying To See
How Much Sense It Makes!
Us Together, Forever Or Never
In This Place!

In Hard Times Do We Go Strong
Together And Brave?
Or Do We Easily Separate!
Are You Testing The limits
And Impact Of The Change!

Do We Understand Each Other
And With Time Grow Stronger
That Confidence Never Shakes
Do We With Each Other Feel Safe

Your Thirst For Answers
And Testing The Limits So Doubts Can Be Tamed
Question Being
If Something Goes Wrong
Who Is To Be Blamed?

Take It A Notch Higher Or Lower
My Care Will Always Be Same
Remember My Friend!
This Test I Will Never Fail!

Litmus Test

Litmus Test


Written by A.P

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