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One Day We Are Born
Someday We All Will Die..

One Day We Are Born,
Someday We All Will Die..

What Do We Search When We Hang In Alive?

Is It The Money? or
Is It The Pride?

It’s Very Complex To Term Life
Yet Something As Simple
As “Love” Makes Everything Bright

It Can Heal You From The Pain
And It Can Give You Lot Of Pain

It’s Not Something You Can Define
But It Runs Like Blood In The Veins

Love Is The Reason That Defines Mankind And It’s Need
L, O, V, E

Love Just A Four letter Word
But It Holds The Whole World Within

Most Lethal Weapon With Mankind
It Can Both Make You And Destroy

Live, Love Your Life
It’s All Your Choice!

Live Love Life

Live Love Life


Written by A.P

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