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Let Go!
Everywhere I See
McD’s And Subway
God Knows Why Health Problems And Gaining Weight?

Just Gave Into Craving
Did You Ever Wonder How Things Are Made?
How It Effects?
But We Just Cave

It’s The Corporates
With Bate
Capturing Our Minds
And Bodies Being Baked

Logos, Advertisement And Shills Everywhere
Things That Validate
It Makes Us Feel
This Is What We Need To Feel Safe

Sex Being Sold
Who Says Most Attracting Commodity Is Silver And Gold?

Products We Buy
And Nothing We Gain
Only Tend To Loose
With Corporate We Being Chained!

We Buy Products
To Feel Great
It’s Our Mind They Target
For Morals Corporates
Got No Place

McD’s Meat
Corporate Making Big Bucks on Material Cheap
Child Labor And Exploiting
People With No Place To Sleep

Nourishing Our Brains
With Psychological Games
Advertisement And Logos
So We Be Tamed

Without Question Anything
We Keep Doing The Same
Rich Get Richer
And Poor With Losing Face

Pepsi And Cola
And Monsanto Milk
These Are The Drinks

IBM Chips
M&M Sugar Pills
Exxon Mobil Oil Spill
Marlboro With Addiction And Cancer People killed
Union Carbide tragedy
But They Are Not Even Sorry

They All Part Of Destruction
And We think They Will Improve Our Life
Nestle Even Want Water To Be Privatized
For Them Water Is Not Human Right

See The Bigger Logos
They Are Evil Signs
We Are Naive Minds

let Go
Nature Is Not For Sale
It’s Free
And It’s All For We




Written by A.P

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