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The Questions Of Life
How Things Happen And Why?
We All Got Reasons
Which We Can Or Can’t Describe

But Always Justified
We All Think We Doing The Right!
While Reasoning With Devil
Don’t Lose The Fight!

Each To His Own
But Devil Is Consumed By Pride
The Sense Of Reasoning And  Reflection
Faded Cause  Of Egoistic Mind

Truth Seems Harder To Speak
And Easier Becomes To Lie
Devil Feeds On Vanity
And No One Realize

Reflect On What We Do
Take Out Some Time
Else Devil Will Never Go
Devil Never Dies

How It Affects?
Is It A Crime?
Does It Have To Be Like This?
Do We Need To Turn Blind?

The “Self Righteousness”
Is The Devils Side
Always Think Twice
Look Carefully Through The Key Hole!

And Know Where To Find!
Reflection Is The Answer
Where Does The Devil Hides?
And The Door Always Opens  Inside!

Look Carefully

Look Carefully


Written by A.P

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