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Feeling Lonely When Standing In The Crowd!
Mind Why Are You Always Wandering Around?
What Are You Always Thinking About?
Lost In Thoughts
Always Dwelling In Doubts!

Mouth Quiet
But Noises Inside Are Loud!
What’s Happening, What’s Next, Why Me?
Questions Which Screams And Shouts!!

Portraying A Smile
But Inside He Frowns!
Life And Related Questions
That Surrounds

Am I Free
Or Destiny Is Fixed?
Am I Bound?
Where Are Answers To Be Found?
Inside Or Out?

All These Voices And Sounds
Feeling Under Cloud!
All These Emotions It Creates
And Mind Never Stops To
It Always Thinks Out Loud..

Always Feeling Lonely Even When Standing In Crowd!




Written by A.P

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