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Are You There?
Are You lost Together?
Into Each Other?
Are You Looking Into The Future
Giving Each Other Strength And Taking Away The Burden

Are You Each Others Strength, Hope, Love And Feathers?

What Is Your Love Like?
A Strength That Shines
Or Ego That Demands For Self
And To Others It Deny!

How Strong It Makes You?
Does It Encourage You To Go Further?
Helping You To Look Beyond!
Beyond The Doubts And Trouble!

Are You Lost Just Into Each Other
Or Into The World Together
Does It Make You Cripple?
So Helpless Without Him Or Her!

Or It Gives You Strength
And Makes You Stronger
Gives You Hope
And Makes You Bolder
A Support And The Shoulder

Are You So Dependent ?
Or It Set You Free?
Free From The World
And It’s Selfish Needs!

Are You Each Others Strength?
Are You Each Others Point Of Weakness?
Does It Demands A Lot From You?
That In Between You Lost Yourself?
Your Identity And Dreams You Want To Live Up!

Love Is What Sets You Free
To Choose Your World
And Catch Your Dreams

LOST Your Soul Into Each Other
But FOUND The World Together
LOVE That Shines Forever!
If So, Then You Found Your True Lover




Written by A.P

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