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Is love the reason people live?
Why all the rapes? & People getting killed?
Obsession to seem correct always?
When did I do it?
No Fucking way!!
I Was Not Even There..
Excuses To Escape!

Hear the story my lord
We were “seven” & Not a single one with brain
Had our dicks in hands & We were searching for prey
& We did it!!
Big Deal! It’s called gang rape!

You will come to know it’s not our mistake
Few points will help you understand
Just For you
The easy way!

We Tracked down a lady with a kid with her
Stupid the word is “MILF” do your homework!
We tracked down a lady with a kid with her
We never respected our mother, What she for us!!
It’s the First point to prove our innocence!
Our ignorance!

Use of right word show expertise of our field
After all it’s a place where politicians watch porn inĀ  parliament speech!
We are Pro’s & Nothing Less!
Hurray! Hurray! For free internet sex!

You see!
Its shows we are straight!
Here is point number “Two” & On what basis it’s laid

Actually it’s ladies fault !
They roam around after “Eight”
It’s the time our pants falls down
& We get horny insane
You see! We are straight & Should not be blamed

Instead we have suggestion to make!
They should be at home & All they should do is bake
It’s called playing safe!

Fuck Democracy!
We are here to Dick-tate !
Nice shit mate!

Thinking on your feet are you?
Put shoes in your mouth!
Make better use , Help us all out!

If call the officials they switch off the phone
Behavior is the point to note
We still searching!
There’s lot of work on hold!

We still searching!
That’s answer for everything
In a month when heat will be off
People will forget if anything existed

Give money under the table
& Ask for favors!
Soon culprits will be free to roam
IT all will turn into fable

It’s My Country after all!
Put me in the jail
& I will brake down the wall

As my duty
I “BLINDLY” love & support my country
But Government doesn’t love it’s people that’s a whole different story!


Love My Country

Love My Country


Written by A.P

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